Poll: Only 15% Of Uninsured Know Enrollment Deadline Is Approaching

Poll: Only 15% Of Uninsured Know Enrollment Deadline Is ApproachingPoll: Only 15% Of Uninsured Know Enrollment Deadline Is Approaching

And about two-thirds of those uninsured Americans surveyed had not been contacted about signing up for coverage before enrollment ends Jan. 31. However, in the same poll, a vast majority of those with insurance reported they were satisfied with their health care services.

The Washington Post: Many Uninsured Americans Seem Oblivious As ACA Enrollment Deadline Nears As the third open enrollment season for health insurance under the Affordable Care Act comes to a close on Sunday, a new poll reveals that many uninsured Americans still aren’t paying attention. The poll by the Kaiser Family Foundation, released Thursday, found that the majority of the uninsured say they don’t know the deadline for getting coverage this year. Virtually no one knew that the fine for going without health insurance in 2016 has jumped to $695 per adult or 2.5 percent of household income — whichever is higher. (Sun, 1/28)

The Associated Press: Poll: Uninsured Sit On The Sidelines As Sign-Up Season Ends A new poll finds most uninsured Americans sitting on the sidelines as sign-up season under President Barack Obama’s health care law comes to a close. … Only 15 percent of the uninsured know that this year’s open enrollment deadline is this coming Sunday. … About two-thirds say they have not been contacted about signing up. The health care law has led to historic gains in coverage, but the poll signals those gains may be slowing. (1/28)

Kaiser Health News: Despite Kvetching, Most Consumers Satisfied With Health Plans: Poll Bashing insurance companies may be a popular pastime, but a poll released Thursday found most people were satisfied with their choices of doctors and even thought the cost of their health coverage was reasonable. The Kaiser Family Foundation poll revealed that 71 percent of insured adults younger than 65 considered the health care services they receive to be either “excellent” or “good” values. (Rau, 1/28)

Los Angeles Times: Insurance Costs Dominate Public Worries About Healthcare, Survey Finds Though President Obama’s Affordable Care Act continues to animate political debate in Washington and on the campaign trail, Americans are more concerned with basic healthcare issues such as the cost of their health insurance, a new national poll shows. The health law ranked eighth among issues voters identified as most likely to be extremely important to their vote for president this year, with 23% identifying the 2010 legislation, commonly called Obamacare. (Levey, 1/28)

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