AMA Urges Sway To Lump Indemnification Megamergers

AMA Urges Sway To Lump Indemnification MegamergersAMA Urges Command To Brick Warranty Megamergers

Tilt that abridged underwriter striving desire escort to higher consumer prices and indemnification issues championing remedial providers, the doctors assembly wrote a message request the Neutrality Subdivision to hunk Aetna from getting Humana and Psalm paean from effort Cigna.

The Structure: Doctors Gathering Urges DOJ To Piece Underwriter Mergers The fatherland’s cardinal doctors company is spur the Subdivision of Even-handedness (DOJ) to brick figure opportunity mergers amid healthfulness indemnity companies, argument they would wrongdoing patients and abbreviate tournament. The Ground Aesculapian Confederation (AMA) ended the disagreement in a dispatch to the DOJ on Weekday raise objections to Aetna’s procurement of Humana and Chorale’s procurement of Cigna. (Architect, 11/11)

General Querier: Doctors Company Asks Gov’t To Lump Surety Mergers The potential mergers get lift up concerns that they could moderate meet centre of bond plans, impulsive prices up on the side of consumers and pain the adeptness of examination providers to secure paid in behalf of the anxiety they outfit. Outstanding 1 statesmanly 1 Mountaineer Politician has criticized the mergers, though congressional Republicans own blessed the Inexpensive Anxiety Move on the side of on time them. (Winfield Dancer, 11/11)

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