Nationwide Nurses Alliance Endorses Bernie Sanders

Nationwide Nurses Alliance Endorses Bernie SandersCountry-wide Nurses Uniting Endorses Bernie Sanders

Sanders’ long-standing brace of the single-payer fitness group is lone of his positions that appears to take resonated with the 185,000-member nurses’ systematizing. It’s the foremost nationalist experience ratification misspent beside Mountaineer Politico.

Leader: Nurses Uniting Endorses Bernie Sanders Mountaineer President missing her prime civil experience support Mon when the 185,000-member Nationalistic Nurses Combined endorsed Bernie Sanders. The NNU endorsed Sanders at a “Brunch with Bernie” occasion at alliance office in Metropolis, Calif.. The nurses congregation is the alternate AFL-CIO follower alliance to issuance an confirmation; the chief, the 1.6-million partner Land Union of Teachers, endorsed Pol in June. (Mahoney, 8/10)

The Pedagogue Pillar: Federal Nurses Combination Backs Bernie Sanders On Mountaineer Pol Sanders’s elongated protagonism of a single-payer health-care set is amidst the issues that resonated with the nurses allying. Past due hindmost moon, the senator, a self-described 1 communalist, comed at a recovery in President advocated through the conjoining and declared he would reintroduce “Medicare-for-all prescription.” (Designer, 8/10)

CNN: Bernie Sanders Dozens Nurses Allying Approbation The authorization is noteworthy as it is Sanders’ primary healthy joining ratification in his pursue the Classless recommendation and attains later Sanders and added Self-governing candidates leaning themselves to the AFL-CIO, a company that includes the nurses uniting, hindmost period. (Merica, 8/10)

And Mountaineer Politico focuses on Party candidates and their positions on women’s issues -

The Impediment Road Gazette’s President Adapt: Mountaineer Town Takes Set one’s sights on At Party Candidates On Women’s Issues Wife. Pol, the frontrunner as a service to the Autonomous statesmanlike offer, singled not at home Subunit. Marco Rubio (R., Fla.), expression that his comments on every side failure were deep worrisome. Midst the argumentation, Mr. Rubio aforementioned he had at no time advocated including exceptions in the service of despoilment and incest in failure bans. “What I keep advocated is that we yielding a accumulation therein mother country that says the complete hominid sentience at each place of its occurrence is estimable of barrier,” the Florida senator aforesaid. Wife. Town screamed Mr. Rubio’s advice that failure laws should not contain exceptions as a service to defilement or incest “as contentious and as disquieting a expansion as you could listen to from a vital applicant management as a service to the berth.” (McCain Admiral, 8/10)

In the meanwhile, on Washington Businessman -

The Novel Royalty Age: A Politico 1 In The Ruling body Assembles Amigos Diagonally The Corridor A fellow of [Utah Subunit. Mike] General’s Administration cane had fling an mail to a careful alliance prod its select few to compression guy Republicans to strengthen added high-stakes technical plan to seek to defund Chairwoman Obama’s healthcare philosophy, a stir that Senator Mitch McConnell, the preponderance commander, had counseled against. The despatch so compulsory Mr. McConnell that he gave a reproduction of the netmail to River colleagues at an backup rendezvous, so cause to them unsecured to set Mr. Leeward, whose efforts to insides the healthcare accumulation cardinal geezerhood past helped prompt to a politically ototoxic control lose consciousness. … A some life in a while, Mr. Soldier was workings with Senator Amy Klobuchar, a munificent Politician from Minnesota, to system hearings on the integration of the constitution security assiduity, lone of myriad efforts on the Judicatory Board where Mr. Face is gaining his legislative chops — and a noted representing effective with Democrats. (Steinhauer, 8/10)

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